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Maga’Låhi Matå’pang - Tomhom, Guåhan

Maga’Låhi Matå’pang was a great leader from Tom’hom.  He, too, initially welcomed the Spaniards as guests, but soon realized their sinister intentions.  Matå’pang became aware that the Spaniards cam to proclaim the islands a possession of Spain and the people, subjects of the King and Queen.

It was the illness of his daughter along with the total disregard of the sacredness of entering the home of a Maga’Låhi without permission that prompted Matå’pang to declare war on the Spaniards.

The overzealous Jesuits had disregarded the lifestyle and beliefs of the CHamoru people, and were determined to convert them to Catholicism.  Since his arrival, San Vitores had relentlessly conducted daily baptisms without the permission of parents.

On April 2, 1672 while Matå’pang was away, San Vitores entered the Chief’s home, and baptized his daughter.

When Matå’pang discovered what had happened, he immediately sought San Vitores and killed him.  He then joined other leaders in their fight against the foreignors.

Matå’pang led his people in many battles.  The Spaniards noted that Maga’Låhi Matå’pang  “was a person of great strength. Notwithstanding his age.”  On one occasion, a Spaniard named Lorenzo Hernandez de Puga challenged the chief, trying desperately to overcome Matå’pang with his brute strength.

The fight ended quickly with the Spaniard badly defeated.  One priest wrote that Lorenzo “had more spirit than prudence.”

Matå’pang’s fate finally arrived (presumably, in 1679, prior to the year of Maga’Låhi Ågualin’s capture in 1680.)  While he was recuperating on the island of Luta, he had been ambushed by the Spaniards and was wounded. 

The Spaniards knew that Matå’pang had great influence over his people.  It is recorded that Matå’pang was killed on his journey back to Guåhan.  His body was dumped into the waters off Hagåtña and his head was taken by the Spaniards.

Ginen I Lepblu: I Manmañaina-ta, Geran Chamoru yan Españot: 1668-1695.

Tinige’ as: Eddie L.G. Benavente,
Pinentan as: Siñot Raphael J.N. Unpingco
Inilao as: Siñot Ronald T. Laguaña yan si Señora Janice S.N. Furukawa
Ayudånte para Kulot: Siñot John Taisipic
Ayudånte: Siñot Joey G. Leon Guerrero
Ayudånte: Señora Aleine V. Balasta

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