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Friday, March 18, 2016

Anybody But Trump…

In an effort to ensure leading Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump from garnering the Republican nominee, senior establishment Republicans are strategizing by urging supporters of all previous Republican candidates whom have fallen out of the race to vote for Bernie Sanders instead.

In using this strategy, the establishment Republicans along with senior members of the RNC hope to salvage what is left of the Party after Trump’s continued egocentric “reality TV” behavior, his promoting of violence, in addition to his advocating of non-traditional Republican foundational beliefs.

As a senior leader in the Party stated, “Since none of the current candidates meet or hold Republican traditional values or are even favored by any of the establishment members, we can discount Hillary Clinton and all remaining Republican candidates still in the running…”

Another establishment member of the GOP also considered the 1964 commercial recently being re-aired on YouTube that “…We shouldn’t just vote for whoever is the leading candidate of the Party…  We need to ensure the People elect someone whom can best serve the Nation…”

The reality is that the country does not need to be made “great again” since it was already great to begin with…

Although John Kasich does comply with and promote traditional Republican values, the establishment does not believe that Kasich has enough to garner a win over Hillary Clinton.

So the plot now is to avoid “all Republican Candidates including the current leading Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton…”  The establishment has no other choice but to urge supporters to lean towards the underdog Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders.

The objective is to salvage what is left that Trump has not destroyed and also prevent another establishment Democratic runner (Clinton) from being the Presidential nominee.  As the word on the street goes, “the mission would be a win-win for both parties.”

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