Thursday, December 14, 2017

VA Fully Supports Filipino Veterans by Funding a Manila Outpatient Clinic and Manila Regional Benefit Office for Their Veterans

How is it possible that the Philippines has a regional VA Medical Hospital and Outpatient Hospital yet, the Marianas has none to provide medical services and support for its own Veterans from Guåhan, Luta’ Tinian or Saipan?

As many on the islands know, we have to fly our Veterans to Hawaii for treatment and other Medical Services, but first their treatment and support must be approved from Hawaii.

It makes no sense lai. It would be more cost efficient to the Federally Funded VA to allow or even refer our Veterans to the P.I. since it would be more cost efficient by paying for a cheaper flight.

In addition to being provided Medical Services much sooner to Veterans coming from the Marianas than having Marianas Veterans wait for a 6 to 8 hour flight to arrive in Hawaii, in and some cases if the Veteran has a severe or critical ailment that can't be treated in HI, at least the P.I. has an abundance of Medical Professionals whom can

also provide the same level of needed Medical services at a much affordable cost because the abundant number of Doctors they have which is similar to the abundance of Medical Professionals there are in Cuba.

CHamoru Veterans need to reach out to their respective representative(s), Governor, Congressional Representative and the VA advocates to work towards attaining a similar Medical Facility at least in Guahan where all Veterans from the Marianas and
Micronesia can be provided their much needed medical treatment(s) as needed and not have to wait for Hawaii to approve medical prescriptions for prescriptions made in Guahan that require approval.

Where is the support and thanks from the Veterans Administration for the CHamorus and those of Micronesia whom have served with pride?

Ai Yu'os. Yå’u adai I Taotao-ta’ ya’u ma li’e na mås ma’ ayuda Beteråno i P.I. kine i Beterånon i Marianas.

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